How to buy and pay?

1、How to buy from the website?
1. If you are using the site to purchase for the first time, please register first as a member of the site, which is very important, as after registering as a member, you can log in to the site at any time to check all your orders and order delivery status.

Of course, we will keep all your member information and order information confidential, please don't worry.

2. After registering as a member, select the product you like and add it to the shopping cart, then complete the purchase step by step according to the operation.

2、How to pay for your order?
Website purchases are the same as Platform orders, using the familiar payment tool (Visa/MasterCard), because it is very safe for buyers and protects everyone's rights.

After payment of the order by Visa/MasterCard, we will confirm the payment operation for your order within 24 hours, once payment is confirmed, we will arrange for your order to be shipped to you.