Acquisition and consumption of points

What Do Points Do?
In order for our VIP customers to save more money, our system uses points to reward our customers. Points can only be used on the website, whatsapp order cannot use points.

Every 100 points can be exchanged for 1 USD, and users can use it to deduct the amount when ordering.

For example: you have an order with a total value of $50 and you have 1000 points. You can first convert the 1000 points to $10 and you can deduct $10 when the order is settled. At this time, you only need to pay for this order. Pay the remaining $40.

How to get points?
You can earn points by checking in and taking orders

1. Após a assinatura do pedido, se o valor do seu pedido for de 50 dólares, após o recebimento da mercadoria, você só precisa confirmar o recebimento no site e pode obter 50 pontos.

2. Check in on the site and you can randomly earn 1 to 50 points every day.

Note: Points can only be used to deduct the order amount on the website and cannot be withdrawn to a bank card.