Secure shipping and payment policy

Shipping policy
Generally speaking (excluding Chinese holidays or special circumstances), we will ship within 2-4 days after payment confirmation, about 90% of orders will be shipped within 2-3 days, Custom orders take an extra day, If your order is not shipped within 5 days of payment confirmation, please contact our customer service team.

Note: The delivery time is calculated from the moment your order payment is confirmed, we will confirm the payment order by 15:00 every day, and send the order to the warehouse for delivery. Orders paid after 15:00 will be confirmed the next day.

After delivery, We will fill in the delivery logistics number on your order, You can check it in your order , If you have any questions, please contact us in time!

We use the air transport method, and the transport time is generally 4-7 days! You can also login to the website to check the logistic status of your order or check through

Note: Please fill in the correct delivery address, phone number, zip code and social security number when ordering on the website. Wrong address will result in you not being able to receive the goods. We are not responsible for lost shipments and customs fees, as there is no way to intervene as the goods have already been dispatched. At the same time, to avoid customs fees, we recommend that each package is less than 2 kg, and you can add shipping packages when placing an order..
Secure payment:
We use Visa/MasterCard to pay for your order, rest assured to buy. If your order is not customized, you can cancel the order directly, order cancellation will deduct 1 USD service fee, and the remaining amount will be returned to your payment account.